Friday, July 13, 2012

Jay's Birthday

Ok - so I'm a little late... two weeks late...but better late than never...

Happy Birthday to my little man who is growing up before my eyes! JayDonn you are a great kid, I love you. This last year was a big year for him. He graduated Kindergarten, is now reading books at 2-4 grade level, started a few days of first grade before his birthday, and the best part is Jay says he was saved this year! I have questioned him over and over again to see if he understands and it seems he does. And considering when I have pointed out his sins from the Bible and he responds so well, I believe he very well could be saved. We did not make a "big deal" because I want him to remember his heart and his decision not everyone making a "big deal" of it. As you can see, it has been a big year!

Jay's presents I got set up the night before...

I also put these streamers on his door the night before so when he woke up he would have a little surprise!

Getting ready to go to Burger King for his birthday lunch

The birthday boy!

We also went to get his K5 graduation pictures taken and then to a little cupcake place. His K5 grad pics are the cutest thing ever! Then later that night Daddy came home from being away all week on a business trip. We had dinner and cake and sang to him. He requested a angel food cake with fruit. I think I have pictures on my iPad so I haven't up laoded them.

Months ago Josiah bought tickets for Jonah since he knew this was a story Jay loves. It was a surprise for him, but they loved it!

After the show we went out to eat and walked around the trains.

I love this picture - how many more years will they walk hand in hand? Cherish the Moments...

Happy Birthday JayDonn!

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Donna said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures, Tiffany. Glad you all had a good time. We are so thankful for JayDonn. Love, Grandpa and Grandma K.