Friday, July 13, 2012

Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A had their annual day where if you dress head to toe like a cow you get a free meal with dessert! This was our first year doing it but it was a lot of fun so we will plan to do it next year too. Thank you Chick Fil A it was a lot of fun for our family!

JayDonn the cow

Dillon - my big boy cow

Daddy the bull (he made me add horns for him so he could be a bull) and Truett
Family picture
Baby cow sleeping on the way to Chick Fil A

Fourth of July

Haddie's first Fourth of July, she did great. The sounds didn't even seem to bother her. I don't know why the picture turned again... but that's blogger for you.

Some of the pictures I took

Dillon's nurse had her last day with us. She is stopping to have her lil baby soon. We can't wait to meet the lil princess! But we are going to miss Miss Ashlea so much!! She was with us for about one and a half years! We're praying for you and lil Princess Miss Ashlea, your going to be a great Mommy!

Jay's Birthday

Ok - so I'm a little late... two weeks late...but better late than never...

Happy Birthday to my little man who is growing up before my eyes! JayDonn you are a great kid, I love you. This last year was a big year for him. He graduated Kindergarten, is now reading books at 2-4 grade level, started a few days of first grade before his birthday, and the best part is Jay says he was saved this year! I have questioned him over and over again to see if he understands and it seems he does. And considering when I have pointed out his sins from the Bible and he responds so well, I believe he very well could be saved. We did not make a "big deal" because I want him to remember his heart and his decision not everyone making a "big deal" of it. As you can see, it has been a big year!

Jay's presents I got set up the night before...

I also put these streamers on his door the night before so when he woke up he would have a little surprise!

Getting ready to go to Burger King for his birthday lunch

The birthday boy!

We also went to get his K5 graduation pictures taken and then to a little cupcake place. His K5 grad pics are the cutest thing ever! Then later that night Daddy came home from being away all week on a business trip. We had dinner and cake and sang to him. He requested a angel food cake with fruit. I think I have pictures on my iPad so I haven't up laoded them.

Months ago Josiah bought tickets for Jonah since he knew this was a story Jay loves. It was a surprise for him, but they loved it!

After the show we went out to eat and walked around the trains.

I love this picture - how many more years will they walk hand in hand? Cherish the Moments...

Happy Birthday JayDonn!

Monday, July 02, 2012

My 27th Birthday!

For my birthday my Mom send Jay some money to take Mommy out on a date! So the day before my birthday we decided to do it right and really dress up! When I got dressed and came out of my room Truett saw me and said "Mommy! Pretty!!" And started to touch my dress. It was so cute. Daddy stayed home with the other three (or so I thought....) Daddy had Jay come to the front door and ring the bell....

Don't we make a cute couple? :o)

My little Man!

We went to the Cheesecake Factory! (Don't know why blogger flipped my picture again!)

The lady knew we were sharing our lemonade so she brought two straws!

Then we had cheesecake! Yummy! He was so sweet the whole time. He walked holding my hand, opened doors (the ones he could reach anyways!) and whenever he got distracted in the toy store (Cheesecake Factory is in the mall) and let go of my hand he would quickly come back and hold my hand again. It was such a sweet time just the two of us! I think it needs to become a tradition!

Then on my birthday I woke to find some potted plants. When Jay and I asked where/when he got them he finally told us he loaded the 3 kids up and went to the store for them while Jay and I were out at dinner. He is so sweet. That night the kids had an activity at church so we took Dillon and Haddie with us to this fancy little restaurant and had a very nice dinner. Of course the clouds opened up and dropped water on us as we were driving and unloading there so we were soaked, but it was still wonderful. On our way home Josiah stopped and got some ice cream and a a cherry Boston cream cake and they sang to me and we ate out cake. (Sorry the only pics we got were on Josiah's phone so I don't have them to post)

It was a wonderful birthday!