Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make-a-Wish Endless Pool!

Make a wish had approved Dillon for an endless pool to do therapy in. It was our desire to enclose the pool so he can use it year round instead of 3 months a year. The Lord provided the pool and the funds to do the enclosure....

We got to use the pool tonight for the first time! Amazing! God is SO GOOD to us. Dillon LOVED it! He was moving and kicking and going all around the pool on his own. With his neck ring we don't even have to hold him (we just have to be near if he coughs to make sure his head doesn't go under a little) so he can swim around the whole pool himself! I will get more pictures and videos, I just wanted to get a few from tonight!

And I'll say now - Blogger has really been upsetting me by flipping my pictures when that is not the way I uploaded them and I do not know how to switch it back....

I took these in the last few days as it was finishing up...
Filling it up....

Dillon and Daddy in the pool for the first time!

Jay going in - he was scared at first but then he had fun. He even swam for a few second without anyone holding him (his swim suit has floatation things in it)

Poor Truett was scared. As long as he was splashing Daddy, holding on to someone and holding his ball he had fun though!

We are so grateful God has provided these things for Dillon and our family to use. It was so great to see Dillon "free" in a way he can't be anywhere else. I am so excited to see if he will get stronger from his time in the pool.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Happy 2 month Haddie

My beautiful Haddie girl is 2 months old today. To celebrate her I finally got her to smile for the camera. It took a while because she kept looking at it strange. Finally, with Jay's help, we got it! I love you Haddie!

You can watch it here!

Happy 2 month birthday haddie girl!