Thursday, January 29, 2009

Josiah and Tiffany Update

Ps 118:22 The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. 23 This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

Everything good in our lives is because of God. It is God alone who is to be praised. The Lord is blessing us and leading us over these last several weeks. God's work is something we cannot orchestrate of our own accord. It is all God's doing. His timing is impeccable and we wanted to share with you what God is doing in our lives. God has brought several people across our path from Valley Forge Baptist Temple.

On Monday, January 19th our nursing agency sent us a nurse who lives 3 blocks away from us. She is a member of Valley Forge Baptist.

It was Tuesday, January 20th, God led us to resign membership from LVBC - in the weeks leading up to this we knew it may come to this although this is not what we had personally desired. The same day Josiah's Director and Supervisor at work praised him for the good job he was doing which doesn't happen every week or even every month. To God be the glory! It's because of Him that Josiah can do anything at all.

Wednesday, A kind man at our former church called me up and told me he's been out of the loop as he's been in Jr. Church, but he loves us and wants to still fellowship with us. He recommended that I check out Valley Forge Baptist. He works with 3 Christian men who are members there and one of them, Mr. G, has a son who is a missionary to Honduras out of their church.

Wednesday evening we went there and 2 of the men greeted us and said that they were told to be expecting us.

Thursday - Friday several people from church called or wrote to tell me they are sad to see us leave, but that they will be praying for us. They said it doesn't matter which house of God we attend as long as we are serving the Lord, we will always be brothers and sisters in Christ. Interesting enough another brother also recommended VFBT to us.

Saturday, we just so "happened" to bump into Mr and Mrs G at the store and they invited us over for dinner Sunday afternoon. We found they also only live blocks from our house! It was a blessing to see Mrs. G in public dressed in a Godly manner in a dress and buying modest shirts/skirts for their 11 year old daughter.

Sunday, we had a blessed time in the house of the Lord and sweet fellowship with the brethren there at VFBT. They had a baptism in the morning service and had 2 missionaries there and the church voted to take them both on for support.

Tuesday, January 22, Pastor Greg Joyner and his wife came visited us for about an hour and a half. It was very encouraging what they believe and the standards they hold and the leadership covenant they have to hold leadership and serving members up to a higher standard so as to be above reproach. They also have a Bible Institute and full-time 2-3 year internships for pastors in training and missionaries in training who have already completed Bible Institute and/or Bible College. You get to shadow the pastors on a rotating basis for this entire time. He also explained how you must be a member for at least a year before you could begin teaching Sunday School, Preaching at the Prisons and Nursing Homes, or things like that. Till then you can be involved at visitation, in the choir, ushering, etc. It was very encouraging.

We've been praying God would direct and make it clear which church he wants us to join.

Wednesday evening we had snow/ice storm. We went to the other church that we had wanted to check out since it was closer. The Pastor there is very good, but they are allowing members to read from the NKJV and allowing members to preach and lead singing who do not come on Wednesday evenings. Pastor Joyner said they do work with this Pastor sometimes but would consider themselves to be more conservative.The Lord has thus far made it clear he wants us at VFBT.

This is all because of God. To God be the glory! Mt 21:42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

JayDonn Update

Let's see, where do we start here? On friday JayDonn got four shots at the doctor. He is now done until he is four years old though. It was so cute, after the shots I gave him some of the ice coffee and he stopped crying!

Tuesday night we had visitors from the church we visited (more on that in Dad and Mom update which I will do later). JayDonn was showing off for them and decided to walk up the ramp - only he wasn't looking where he was going. He walked right into the side of the ramp and fell and hit his face of the side board. He, of course, was crying so I ran over to pick him up. I moved his hand and saw blood. I yelled for Si who rushed him into the kitchen and washed the blood so wee could see the source. It was then we saw a hole in his lip where his tooth must have punched right through. We thought we were going to have to take him to the ER for stitches so I ran and got the baby Tylenol. As soon as he tasted the Tylenol he stopped crying. I called my brother in law who is an EMT and asked what he thought we should do. He said if the bleeding stopped we are probably fine, unless it starts to bleed again. Right after getting the tylenol he wanted down to play and ran right for the ramp! The bleeding did stop quickly and I gave him some frozen fruit to suck on to bring down the swelling. The rest of the night he played as though nothing happened! He does have a swollen lip, but other than that he is fine! Here is his picture after the incident. :-)

Yesterday we went outside to play in the snow. It was JayDonn's first time in the snow. Last year it melted before I could get him out so this was fun for Mommy and Jay. Enjoy some of the picutres....

Sledding down the basment doors. He didn't seem to like it as every time I asked him if he wanted to do it again he said very firmly "no!"

This was the snowman Jay and Mommy made. Jay didn't care about it at all until the face was put on, then he wanted to kiss it.

This is pretty much all for Jay. We are still working slowly on potty training him and that is going well.

JayDonn throwing snowballs!

JayDonn's first snowman!

JayDonn's First time playing in the snow!

Dillon Update

Dillon has been doing very well, dispite the fact that we have not patterned him since last Thursday.

Blessing #1: He has even started this thing where sometimes he will coo when we show him his pictures! When I turn the picutre he coos again. When I take them away he stops. When I show him again, he does it again. Robin and I are thrilled as we have seen this several times and fully believe he is telling us he is seeing something. Do you know what this means?? He is starting to communicate a little bit to us!!!!! Please pray for this to continue and to get better each day!

Blessing #2: Dillon even starting to kick his way down the ramp again a little bit this week. Not as well as before Christmas but still he is starting to get better.

Not a blessing - but an update: Last Friday we had to take him to Quest for blood work. Due to the diet he is on the doctor needs to run a lot of tests - about 13, which means about 13 vials needed filled. The phlebotomists were having a hard time finding a vein. They stuck him once and didn't get a vein. The second time they got it, but only got enough for 8 of the tests. They stuck him again, and did not get a vein. On Monday we went back with Dillon very well hydrated. They stuck him and DUG for quite a while (when asked they told me this doesn't hurt. Robin had to leave the room because it made her mad since she knows it does hurt!) They were not able to get any blood so they tried the other arm and got a tiny little bit - enough for one of the remaining 5 tests. They stuck him once again and didn't get anything. Needless to say his arms are quite bruised! We are working at making him appointment with the children's hospital of Philadelphia in King of Prussia to let them try to draw it. These were taken today, Thursday and the blood was drawn Monday and last Friday

Extra Special blessing: Today when Mrs B came to help with Dillon she told me a friend of hers wanted Dillon to be able to get a proper pattern table that he will fit on. So she gave us enough money, anonymously, that we will be able to get a very nice table for him! Thank you so much, this is such a blessing to me! I can't believe how nice people are, and how generous they are. Thank you whoever you are!!

This about covers Dillon's updates!

Nurse Robin giving Dillon some "me time" as she calls it. He LOVES when she rubs his head he coos! It is great!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Protest tax dollars funding abortion

Obama lifts ban, will use your tax dollars to pay for abortions around the world

January 23, 2009
Dear Josiah,
President Obama has lifted a ban on federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions, reversing a policy of his predecessor, George W. Bush.Obama's actions mean that hundreds of millions of your tax dollars will go to help groups like Planned Parenthood perform abortions around the world.
His actions came one day after the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in all 50 states.

Please take the action suggested below. It will not cause Obama to reverse his decision, but it will send a notice to him that unborn babies are human and deserve the same rights as the born.
Take Action!

Send an e-mail to Obama asking him to stop funding the killing of unborn children.

After you send the e-mail, please make a phone call (202-456-1414) and leave a message that you strongly disagree with Obama's using tax dollars to fund abortion. ***I just made the call. It was VERY easy. After calling that number choose opt 1 then opt 1 again. Then wait till they answer you. They take NO personal info they just count how many negative vs positive comments. If you have other family in the room tell them how many people are there and agree with you. They counted two for me (me and my nurse).PLEASE CALL! It is worth 2 minutes to show the President that we do not agree with his actions! Tiffany****

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help with this!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Modern Convenience?

I am so thankful for the modern conveniences we have today. They usually make life so much easier...usually. Right before we got married Josiah bought a new washing machine for his new bride. It worked great - saved me hours of doing laundry by hand. However, in about three years it broke and was going to cost about $400 to fix! So he decided to buy his wife a new one instead that was reduced in price because of dents. So he did. And 6 months later it is broken!

AHHHH!!! Why do my washing machines break so soon when other people tell me they have had their for 10-20 years?? I mean I know I do a LOT of laundry but common!

Ready for the blessing though - this one is still covered under the warranty so it will all be free to get it fixed. I just have to wait for that to happen and let my laundry build, build, build. Thankfully I was almost all caught up when it broke so it isn't like I have a mountain already.

Laundry mat you and I are about to meet!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

With Broken Hearts....

A lot has been happening the last few weeks in our lives, most of which I will not go into. But the result was we have resigned membership at our church. Josiah has been there for around 19 years and I have been there 6 years. I got saved during Bro Edminston's preaching and Bro. Reeder's testimony there. I met my husband there. We were married there. Dillon was born there. We wept with friends and survived the NICU while there. JayDonn was born there and we rejoiced with everyone there. I have met so many good friends there. I love the people there so much. Unfortunately, we saw some sin going on and after many attempts to have this sin dealt with - it was not. Therefore, after spending much time in prayer, reading our Bibles, fasting, and seeking Godly counsel, we have decided it was time for us to move on and serve God in another church.

God has become more real to me in the last few weeks than He ever was before. I was praying for Him to intervene so that things could be made right with everyone and God, I was searching the scriptures to see if there was wickedness in my heart. I saw my husband, my friend, and myself all repent of sins to the person we hurt. God brought a revival to our hearts! Even though it had to come because of a hard time. I think true revival does come in hard times, because it is THEN that we see how dependant we are on God and we turn to Him for the answers. A friend wrote a song with these words (almost exact not sure if 100% exact though); “If I never faced a rain storm, I would never seek for shelter. If I never had a problem, Lord, I would never seek you for an answer.” Praise the Lord His Word holds the answer! Praise the Lord He hears our prayers! Praise the Lord He never left me even when I felt so sad and cried at the friendships I might lose. He is faithful, He is just, and if we will take the step of faith and obey what He has told us to do – He will take care of us.

We love the people there and will miss them all greatly. For all you at church who are so faithful to read about Dillon and JayDonn, please do not stop. I still want to hear from you, I still want to know about how your families are doing. God has clearly directed us away at this time, but we hold no anger, bitterness, or hard feelings against anyone there. We are leaving with broken hearts, but we are trusting God as we take this next step. We are excited to see how God is going to use us from here.

(I also wanted to Praise the Lord for this- Our night nurse's daughter did NOT die! She had surgery and isn't doing great but is slowly getting better from what I understand! Pray we can be a witness to him at this time.)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nurse update

I want to Praise the Lord for bringing our night nurse back. We just found out that he is back from Africa and can start on Monday night. So we don't have a nurse till then but then we will have all our nights covered again. The lady from the agency said that in talking with him she thinks his sick daughter may have died so please pray for him. I am not sure if this is true or not, but please be praying for him just in case.

Once again, I also want to thank the Lord for our day nurse Robin! I can't thank God enough for her. She is so great to us! She goes far above and beyond what she is required to do to help me care for the boys and my house. She always helps me with my laundry, dishes, and cleaning. I am so thankful to her. Her husband teases her sometimes and asks "where are you going today? To your girlfriend's house?" heehee but it is like having a friend here. It isn't like having a "nurse" in my house, she is like a friend.
So...just in case your computer is finally working Robin -

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Answer to story and Nurse Update

Sorry I got busy and forgot to put the answer to what is "Bobby" Many of you were right - its Potty! Every morning we sit him on his potty where he eats breakfast on the little table I made him, so he was saying potty. I guess experienced Moms were able to figure it out, but it took me a while.

Nurses - we have a nurse who is going to start next week but only for one day a week. So that will gaive us 3 of the 7. My nurse for this Saturday just called off. So we had her last Saturday night, tonight, and not again till next Thursday night. Please keep praying for strength. God has been so good, Dillon had so many wonderful nights where we were able to sleep, but he is starting to have trouble again. Last night was especially bad. His machine kept beeping becuase his oxygen tube was slipping out of his nose - even though we taped it to his cheeks.

Some mornings Josiah and I would say "Dillon's angels must have been taking care of him last night!" Because he had done so well - will pray with me that God would allow more of the good nights until we can get a nurse for the other nights?

Thank you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny Story

Here is a funny story I thought I would share with you. For several weeks now Jay has been saying "Bobby" when we go into his room in the morning to bring him downstairs. The whole way down he says "Bobby". We were trying so hard to figure out who Bobby is? We thought we has saying Puppy since he can hear dogs barking sometimes. But no - he can clearly say puppy. So what is he saying??

Several days ago I finally figured it out!! I solved the mystery!!!

BUT Just for fun I will tell tomorrow the meaning of "Bobby" (Those who I have told already aren't allowed to write what it means - but I am interested if anyone wants to guess! :-) )

Friday, January 09, 2009

Still no nurse

Hi Everyone,
I have been pretty busy with Dillon and Jay so I haven't updated. I did want to let everyone know we still don't have a night nurse for 5 nights a week. Please continue to pray that we will find one soon!! Dillon has had a few good nights where he slept the whole night - but those are not normal for him so it is tiring on us.

Please pray we get a good nurse soon!!! As of now there are still no possibilities even in sight! The only one that MIGHT be able to still has another 3-5 weeks till her paperwork is cleared from the federal government.

Thank you for praying for all of us!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 here already. I know most people feel the same as I do... Where has the time gone?! The verse in Ephesians comes to mind "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil." (5:16) But the next verse is great too, but is less known - at least to me. "Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is."

How many of us truely know what the will of the Lord is for our lives? How many of us consciencly think about what the will of the Lord is on a daily basis in order to live it out? I know I don't.

For me, in the situation God has given to us, I think the will of the Lord is to be a Biblical wife and mother. I need to care of the home Josiah has provided for us and be his help meet. I need to train JayDonn in what is right and wrong. I need to teach him about God and how to serve Him. I need to work with Dillon and help him be all that he can be. But I also need to find ways to reach out to other people be a light to the world. I need to work at handing out more tracts this year, to be more ready to give answers when the opportunity comes to talk with someone. I need to finish some projects God has put on my heart in order to help others going through similar situations.

There are a lot of things I need to work on this year. And I love the new year for just this reason! I get to start over - start with a new plan and work towards new goals. Josiah and I have set some goals for our family for this year. I decided to keep a pocket calendar next to my bed and write down the days we fulfilled our goals. This will help keep us accountable and will, Lord willing, help us reach the goals.

I did want to include a picture for you all. By the time we got home from church (stopping for gas and at Walmart) and opened cards from church people, let JayDonn play with a new toy he was given, gave him a snack, etc it was about 11:30 so we decided to let him stay up for the "ball dropping" Just in the nick of time we got this picture....

It took as the countdown was at 1! Perfect timing. Right after this we brushed his teeth, prayed and put him to bed! ;-)

Dillon started this new year in a good way. We have night nurses for only 2 nights a week right now. Last night not being one of those. We put him to bed after his midnight feed without any oxygen on. He did not set off his oxygen machine AT ALL last night! He slept all night with no help, no oxygen, all by him self. Praise the Lord. I am looking forward to what other progress he will make this year!

Happy New Year everyone!