Saturday, July 19, 2008

America's Best Glasses Is a SCAM

Ok folks, you know I don't normally get on here and bash a particular company. However, when they scam people so incredibly much I can't help but tell you so that in the future if you ever see the advertisement for 2 pairs of glasses for $69.95 you will remember that they are scamming you and not waste your time or money! 

America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses are thieves!

Hannah called ahead of time and asked if there were any restrictions on the deal of 2 for 69.95 and was told as long as you pick the glasses marked 45.95 they are included. Well after waiting for almost 2.5 hours to just get the exam they then wanted to charge an extra 88 for the lenses. Hello? Have you every ordered a hamburger and had to pay extra to get the bun? No! That should be included. I am not going to waste your time with all the details of how they scam, but please just remember it and NEVER go there! If you want to see how horrible the company is just do a quick google search on America's best = america's worst or america's best complaints! You will find HUNDREDS of complaints.

I hope this helps keep someone else from wasting time and money (they didn't get any of our money!)

Monday, July 14, 2008


Yesterday during Sunday School Dillon threw up a little bit of milk because he was coughing so hard. He then went into a 10 minute coughing spell. I couldn't get him to stop. I had to have an usher get Josiah out of church to come help me with him.

Today we took Dillon to Dr. Gelman and he confirmed what I thought; Dillon's milk had gone into his lungs and he has pneumonia again. He said the next 24-48 hours are critical as far as trying to stay out of the hospital. As he gets started on the antibiotic his secretions will get thick and he may have even more trouble maintaing his oxygen then he is now. If we can't keep his oxygen at 90% or higher on 2 Liters or less we will have to have him admitted at CHOP.

Will you please pray that God will heal Dillon of this pneumonia, that his oxygen levels will be good, and that GOd will heal Dillon so that he won't have pneumonia again? This is a big prayer request, to pray that Dillon won't get pneumonia, but last night's message was on faith. I want to write my notes from the message on here with what it meant to me - and I will, hopefully tomorrow. But will you have faith that God could heal Dillon and pray?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Doctor Appointments

We started our day at 6am. Hannah told me Dillon had been coughing and making frustrated sounds since 5am. He was arching his back and would not stop "complaining" so I told her to put him on his belly. (We had him sleep on his back because of his tube site) As soon as we put him on his stomach he did not cough again and he held his head up for 10 minutes. He was complaining that he made him sleep on his back!! :-)

Dillon, JayDonn, Hannah, Barb and I pulled away from the house around 7:10am. We arrived at our appointment in King of Prussia. The ENT looked in Dillon's ears. He said he did not see a perforation in the left ear anymore, however there was fluid behind his ears. The right ear has wax and fluid. The doctor suctioned his left ear and pulled out a ball of wax/blood that was the size of a pearl! Inside that ball was Dillon's tube. The right ear still has the tube but it is not in the right location to do its job. August 28 we will have an appointment for discussing anesthesia and September 15 he will get tube placed again. 

The next appointment was in Paoli and we were two hours early for it. Dr. Gelman was able to fit us in an hour early. JayDonn was given three shots and had his hemoglobin checked. Dillon and JayDonn have both grown in height and weight. I don't have the exact numbers in front of me but Dillon is about 24 pounds and 32 inches and JayDonn is a little less than 20 pounds and 28 inches. 

We then went to Wendy's and sat there for a while while we had lunch. After having a frosty we left to find the next appointment in Exton. After realizing that we were going the wrong way on 30, we found the other CHOP satellite. We were still about an hour and a half early so we sat in the waiting room. Jay had a great time playing with their toys. When it was our turn, we took Dillon back and saw the nurse practitioner. She said that Dillon's site has bad yeast, which is why is it so red. I thought this was due to the stomach acid, but it isn't. Maybe that is why the Malox is not helping it! She wants me to put an anti-fungal cream on him 4 times a day for 5 days AFTER it is no longer red. Her guess is that this will take 2-3 weeks since it is so bad. She said in her experience cauterizing the granule tissue helps 82% of the time, where as a simple cream help 68% of the time. This cream will take about 2-3 weeks to work, if it will work. We decided not to cauterize the site right now, I did not want to put him through all that pain when it wasn't even a promised outcome. Her conclusion is that burning the kids is not usually worth it unless the cream doesn't help, if it is bleeding or if the child is in a lot of pain. 

The nurse also said Dillon's tube is too short. He still has the same size tube from when he was born. She measured how long it should be and increased his size. Dillon had been using a 14 French 1.0 cm, he how has 14 French 2.0 cm. This means the distance between the top of the balloon and the outside tube is a centimeter longer. When the tube is too short if forces the balloon to rub on the inside of the stomach lining and wear it down. 

We got home around 4p.m. this evening. It was a long day! Since Hannah was up with him last night so much she took Jay up to his bed and she also took a nap. We had to wake Jay up at 8 and he was back in bed by 9:45. The poor baby was so tired since we got him up so early. Dillon has been resting so well tonight. 

I washed Dillon's tube with soap and water and put the cream on it. Then after several hours we took the 2x2 off and let it air out for several hours. It is already looking better! Tonight I washed it with soap and water again then put the anti-fungal cream again for him to sleep on it tonight. We are taking great care to make sure we don't spread the yeast (Jay has a small yeast diaper rash). We are using gloves to change Jay's diapers, to wash and clean Dillon's tube, to hook him up for feeds, or anything else near his tube. 

Praise the Lord we didn't have to cauterize his tube today! I would have felt horrible making him go through all that pain! His tubes won't be until September, please pray he won't have any more ear infections while we wait for that day to come. By the way it should be same day surgery, they do not think he will need to spend the night in the hospital!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eye, ears, stomach

On Friday, July 4th, around 10 p.m. we had to take Dillon to the ER at CHOP. We had called the doctor as blood was coming out of his left ear and they instructed me to take him right away since we cannot be sure of his pain level. 

We had had a good day at two picnics from people in our church. When we came home Josiah and I were working on stuff in the basement and Hannah called to me that there was blood coming out of his ear and that it was a decent amount. Hannah stayed home with JayDonn and Josiah and I took Dillon to the ER. We were there until 4 a.m. They said Dillon's left ear drum is perforated and the tube in it has fallen out. They put him on an antibiotic, ear drops with an antibiotic and steroid, and Motrin for the pain. I also have to put 50% hydrogen peroxide in this right ear as it is completely clogged with wax. Poor Baby! His seizures have greatly decreased now that he is on the pain killers. We probably saw a spike in seizure activity because of the level of pain he was in. 

The poor little boy also has had a stye on his left eye lid for a long long time now. It went away for a couple days and has been back eber since. It has been huge! We are trying something we read in a book of Amish home remedies that my mom bought me. It finally seems to be working!! The stye is getting a little smaller and there has been a little bit of junky stuff in his eye from the infection starting to leave! I hope it goes away completely! And soon!

Tomorrow we will start our day around 7 am when his nurse comes, early. We will then head out to King of Prussia for an ENT appointment to see if Dillon needs to have the tube put in his ear again. From there we will go to the doctor at 11 in Paoli for Jay's one year shots and Dillon's weight check. From there we will go to the G-tube nurse in Exton at 2 for her to look at Dillon's  site. It has been red and open for a little while now and we cannot do anything to get it to heal. She will have to look at it and see what needs done, she may cauterize it tomorrow. 

Friday is going to be a LONG day, with some pain for both boys. JayDonn will be getting shots (but as long as he is thirsty and I give him a drink as soon as they give the shot he has done fine before) and Dillon with getting his ears and G-Tube site look at and especially if he gets it cauterized. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Birthday Party with the Church

Explanation  of photos at the bottom (couldn't get it to go before the pictures)

Grandma Y 

Grandpa S
Jay was actually SLEEPING in this picture before the party. He was sleeping sitting up!!
People at the party - THANK YOU FOR COMING
Grandpa and Ms Barb helping Dillon. He actually had a really hard time at the party. We couldn't move him around, his oxygen was dropping low unless he was on his belly.

Quick family shot before laying Dillon back down
Jay's first cake!!!!

Dillon and Grandma S
As you can see he had no problem playing with his cake.
Yummy! Can I have some more?!?

Ms Johanna and the boys' buddy Caleb
JayDonn helping Daddy mop the floor after the party
Caleb started drinking out of Jay's cup so Jay tried to help him to continue drinking it!
Don't they look alike?
So tired, he was asleep before we even loaded the van up!
Poor Dillon was having a hard time
Reclining chairs from Grandpa and Grandma. The boys love them. Jay climbs into his all day long and Dillon can actually sit comfortably in it.
The picture frames from by the cake. Dillon at 1.5 hours old and then now at two and JayDonn at an hour old and now at one! I love how these came out!

On Saturday we had a birthday party for Dillon and JayDonn at the church. My parents came in from Ohio for it. Dillon's nurse, Barb and her daughter were also able to come. We even had some visitors from South Africa! :-)

It was a wonderful time of fellowship and just rejoicing that God has been so merciful to bless Dillon with two years of life and JayDonn with one!

Here are some pictures; Enjoy! Thank you to everyone who came and made it a special day!

Happy Birthday JayDonn!

Birthday Boy! JayDonn's first Birthday

JayDonn and Mommy on his first birthday

JayDonn and Mommy on his first birthday
Playing with Daddy
Birthday party
What a face!
Aunt Hannah and JayDonn
Do you know how hard it is to get a picture when the new one year old is very tired?!

Sunday, June 29th, was JayDonn's first birthday! I cannot believe that a whole year has past since we heard his first cry. I never understood the importance of the phrase "Cherish the Moments" until I started seeing Jay mature before my eyes. He is testing his balance now by standing without holding on for a few seconds at a time. 

Dear JayDonn,
Happy First Birthday my little man! You are my right hand man. You are growing up so fast, I can tell you are going to be such a big help with your big brother. I can't believe how much you have changed in the last year. I remember when Daddy and I found out we were going to have another baby, when Dillon was only a few months old. Daddy started jumping up and down at work, he was so excited! I started to cry, but they weren't tears of joy. I was scared to have another baby so soon. I was scared that I wouldn't have the strength to be Mommy to a new baby while caring for Dillon. I was scared I wouldn't have a strong enough heart to love Dillon and a new healthy baby. I was even a little scared that you wouldn't be healthy. Then when the doctors told me they thought you were going to have spina bifida I didn't know what to do. I thought about having another child with pysical and mental disabilities. I started researching all the possible interventions to help. Then, after knowing what would be avaiable if needed, I listened to a preaching video online and was able to leave it in God's hands. I would have to wait three weeks to know if you had Spina Bifida or not. You would think it would have been a horrible three weeks, but it wasn't. I left you in God's hands. I knew that God would hear my prayers and heal your back and close any openings, or He would give me the strength I needed to care for you and Dillon. It was during this time that I found your name online. "Jehoviah has heard"!!! Amen! Either way, Jehoviah heard our prayers and was there for us step by step. At 20 weeks, they did an ultrasound and confirmed that you were healthy! Praise the Lord! 

God knew exactly what he was doing when He put you in our family. You bring such joy and happiness. Your Daddy and I love you so much! God was so merciful and gave a child that will play by himself while we are busy helping Dillon, you sit in your crib for several minutes (I don't even know how long) without crying for me to come get you. You even have crawled up the stairs to put yourself to bed (I had to follow behind you and lift you into the crib). You are learning to sit still in church. On your first birthday you sat in church for 35 minutes in Sunday School and 1 hour 5 minutes during the night service, plus then you continued to sit out in the foyer with your milk and snack! I don't know if I want any other children, because you are so good I have been spoiled. :-) Of course you still take a lot of work, but it is a joy to see you obeying and learning right from wrong. One day I hope to see you obey God and accept Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for your sins (even though you are sweet, you still have a lot of sins!)

JayDonn, you are the joy of my life. I praise God and am so thankful for you. As much as I want you to stay small and I want to cherish the moments, I am looking forward to you getting older and being more fun. I can't wait to talk with you and have you help me make dinner or watch you fix something with Daddy. Oh, and who can forget your smile! You have the most beautiful smile in the world!
I love you Little Man!